The VoidsEdit

There are multiple Voids, and multiple Void users. This page will help you find what each Void users are, and what kind of Voids there is. Each page about a Void user may progress when more is found out, or explained by them. Please keep in mind you will not know almost everything about the Void user. Each Void user has different ability to what void they use. For instance Itzal the Void Reaper uses the void from inside the black hole, rather another magic type Void. The Void is a very dangerous subject and is not to be messed with. Keep caution when running to a Void plains or User, thank you for coming and learning more about us c:

What is the page about?Edit

The Topic of this Page is explaining the different type of Void there is, the different types of Void Users, Void Plains, and many other knowledge of the Void.

Recent Edit

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