Short Info Edit

Age: Billions Years+

Gender: Male

Class: A

Faction: Neutral

Likes: Drinks, Chatting, Spars, Death

Dislikes: Cocky People, Auto-Hit, Underestimation

Born Edit

A billion years ago or 300 million years after the Big Bang the first Black Hole was made, inside that Black Hole was a new entity that was born. The entity didn't have a name, did have an age, but was a small Black Dust. The Black Dust was sucked in from the black hole and shot out a White Hole, with many others coming out along as well. what were these Black Dusts? Why do they exist? When all The Black Dust were shooting out from the White Hole, they all stood still as if they were waiting for something. Then finally, they all quickly moved to each other and made a large sphere of Black Dust. After forming a cocoon like shape, they all compressed each other forming a body made of Black Dust. The Black Dust then roamed the Galaxy finding a body for its use, to have a real body to walk around, interact, and etc. Edit

Body Edit

After Millions of Years Black Dust have found many planets that have life on it, but most of them were not to his liking. The first body he ever possessed was named Itzal, a man who was the savoir of his planet from all dangerous enemies. Itzal could destroy any enemies that landed on his planet, but not The Black Dust. [Will continue]

Itzal's Voice and Sayings Edit